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Im a big fan of the blogs at and and thought I would try my hand at it. Warning! Probably will contain foul language and ranting but I am glad for comments on it if you read it. Im gay and probably just a touch left leaning so be prepared.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

A great suggestion for Arizona from my roommate.

So we were discussing politics tonight sitting around the house and my Roommate Fox came up with a wonderful idea to help the state of Arizona with their illegal immigrant problem they are working so hard to root out. So rather than making anyone who is brownish have to prove they are legally here in the country, the state should just have them instead wear something to identify themselves so they can be rounded up, like gold stars (I suggested golden sombrero's but she thought that was ethnically stereotyping and stars are easier to make to save the states money). And then when a cop sees one of these people with the gold star on their clothing they can be arrested and sent to "Concentrate on getting you green card or deported camps" granted thats a long name and may need to be shortened down some how.

BTW this is satire... If you didn't know it was satire, you may want to take a long hard look at yourself. Just calling it how I see it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day

When it comes to holidays I don't usually run into the same problems many I know do. I have no problems with Christmas, for me it has always been about family and friends so as long as I'm not stranded away from them I am usually fine. New years is a time for reflection and usually don't have much problem looking forward and keeping a positive outlook. I LOVE Halloween of course, it will always be my favorite holiday. The rest are just kind of are there but the one that always gets me is Valentines day. I have NEVER been in a relationship as valentines day rolls around due to my luck and always dread it. I know I am a lucky person, I have amazing friends, I do have people who love me as a friend, I have amazing family as well. But Valentines day still upsets me because it is all about that other kind of love. That kind where you have a special person that is just for you, that you can truly be open with and go to bed with every night and wake up next to them in the morning, something I want unsurprisingly very badly but am not very good at getting due to shyness and probably hundreds of other reasons. And even if I do someday find a boyfriend who could be more than just a boyfriend I will have to deal with the hurt of not being able to get legaly married which in it self to me twists the knife almost as much as being romantically alone.
All of it turns into bad ineffectiveness and I don't seem to be able to find a way to turn it toward the positive and try and make the glass half full. I am doing my best to not be snarky and grumpy during this holiday because I know my problem is jealousy; to those who are all happy smiles and giggles with their significant others, I am very happy for them and I feel terrible that right now the ugly green monster rears its head when I'm around them and gets snippish. I write this to get a little of the emotions out that I am feeling and to put it into words also helps me think about it. For anyone who reads this if your in a relationship I am very happy for you and hope that you enjoy your special day as a couple to the fullest extent because if I had someone to spoil on valentines day... well they would be well spoiled. And if your single on valentines day, I know your pain.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A new Day

I have known for awhile that I have been neglecting and important portion of myself. I have not felt any connection with my spirituality since Dale died, and maybe even a bit before that. I have felt kindof like a emotional zombie, huge walls built up, compartmentalizing myself from things I didnt want to think about. I would spend most of the month smiling and cheery but then when I felt weak that wall would come down and I would be bad off. After John passed away yesterday I knew I couldnt keep doing that so I took today off to just deal. I woke up early and went to Red Rocks. There were two other people there but we all just let each other be and a I sat and watched the sun rise.

I got there as it was starting to grow light and brought my camera and was glad I did. It was realy beautiful. It was still pretty dark and fairly cold but not enough that the blanket I got for christmas wasnt enough to keep me warm.

At first I felt myself stiff, mind wandering as usualy it does, skipping from thought to though, avoiding what I knew I had come up here to face. As it began to grow lighter I forced myself to breath normaly, closing my eyes from time to time, trying to pull myself together, collect my thoughts into a focus.

It took some time but eventualy I felt myself collecting, thoughts slowing and finaly silence, just loosing myself in the beauty.

I was gratefull for how perfectaly quiet it was up there, I just sat that way, in awe of the beauty, occasionaly taking snap shots, or just adjusting my oh so soft blanket I brought up with me.

After the peace for awhile I finaly let myself think about John, Dale, Grams and the others who are gone and feel I may be ready to start letting go.

I deeply believe that what ever happens to us after we pass away we are still around and I needed to remember that. That they are still with me in some way. They are no longer in pain or sick, they are part of everything and part of me.

I just let that sit, and I was greatfull the others had left by this time as I just cried and held that though and rolled it over in my head, believing, feeling it is true.

I sat there for longer, finaly opening my eyes as the first sun rays of today reached the top of the beautiful Red Rocks Amphatheatre and felt the warmpth. I dried my eyes and looked down at everything, off into the distance, almost to Kansas as my friend likes to say and at the clouds.

I am going to keep on this positive momentium the best can. Make today a day for healing and a day for centering myself, to be Wolf again not just the face Wolf puts on to not deal with things. I hope this can help me move forward to straiten out my life and all those adult type things but as well I am going to use it to get back in touch with my own vaguely pagan, quite hippy spirituality which usto be very important in my life and hopefully fill some of the holes.

I want to put out a thank you to all of my friends and family who have been there for me through this past year, and even my online friends who listen to me bitch on here. I am going to endevor to try and be a better friend and lets angsty and just in general better to be around. I love you all and I owe you all more than you know.

Wolf Kelley


Friday, September 05, 2008

The new house

Thought it was time for a new post, My friend Dave and another friend of ours and I moved to south Denver into a different house. I realy enjoy this place (even if it is pink) and it has a lot of room for a good price.


Here is the front of the house


Our entry stairs and chandelier

Back of the house

Our house from the back.


View from our deck


Our currently messy kitchen

Living Room

Our Living Room


My bedroom and my deck.


The view from my deck

Dining room

Our dining room

Computer Room

Our Computer room, you cant see most of it but its pretty big

Horseshoe Pit

Our horseshoe pit in the back yard, the house came with horseshoes too

The house is in a much better location for jobs and a nice and quiet neighborhood, I am really enjoying living here so far.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Hi All,

Its been awhile since I have done and update but I took a beautiful trip This week. My roommate Dave and I traveled to Phoenix and took a side trip through Moab and below are some of the pictures. For them all click on them and it will take you to my photo bucket.


Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

These pictures were from the first portion of the park. We had left Denver at midnight and driven all through the night. We took I 70 through the mountains and had a beautiful full moon to guide us through the night. As the Sun rose we pulled off I 70 onto a two lane road heading south to Moab. Dave had told me how beautiful this place was but I hadn't really comprehended how huge it was. We turned into the national park and I was amazed by all these features everywhere. This park was massive. We both got out at the first location which which is the first picture. There is a massive valley which the Sun was just beginning to creep into you. The valley had a natural trail built into it and Dave and I walked down it for a good distance. It was hard to stop because it just got more and more beautiful as we went into this valley which opened into another huge valley filled with these jutting formations. I took hundreds of pictures in this valley and will upload more to photo bucket later.

As we moved on we found why it was called Arches national park. Everywhere we looked there were huge natural arches. We again got out of the car and decided to explore. Some of the below pictures are of us standing in these huge arches. The bottom three pictures are my very favorites. We couldnt resist having fun with that last one.

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National Park


Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

This one is a view standing in one of the arches and looking into the distance.

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

We finally made it back safe though on the way home there is more story which I will post later.

Monday, February 18, 2008

ZOMGBBQ! A Post!?!?

(for the un L33t the title means Oh My Gods Barbeque... and yes I know it doesn’t make sense )

I'm a slacker, and I know and freely admit it. So Updates probably would be in order.
I'm not dead for one, I survived the Black Widow bite which SUCKED! Other than still randomly thinking I feel a spider on me and freaking out, I came through that relatively unscathed.
Lets see, things have been good at work and at home. Still love the house my roommates and I are renting. We have friends over often and other than the definite need to someday soon invest in new couches the place is great. I plan on start uploading some photos tonight that I have taken recently. My mom was nice enough to loan me her spare camera. I am really excited about having it this summer and looking forward to taking some nice outdoor shots.
My element is doing just fine, got its first ding some time while I was in HellMart (tm) but its not a big one. It is currently TERRIBLY dirty due to the mag-chloride they put on the streets here but unfortunately the weather here is about as stable as well... I cant currently think of a good descriptor but its just not stable! I am worried that if I wash it during one of the times the temperature is in the 60's or 70's the temp will drop like it likes to do down into the 20's (this happened yesterday) right after I finish and I will end up with a Hondacicle(tm). This happened a couple times in my Camry and have fond memories of not being able to open my car doors with out ripping the weather-stripping off due to it being frozen, or not being able to unlock it.

(not my car above but ive had a car look like that after one an ice storm)

Unlike my Mom's awesome blog I do not have any cute and fuzzy mammals in my house to talk about how cute their being (unless you consider V and M my other two gay roommates and there often being all cute hugging and kissing and stuff... its enough to make the single guy want to gag:P) and there is of course D, our token strait roomie. I may ask them if it’s ok to post about them on here a little bit.
I also have said this blog is somewhat about politics and I haven’t talked about that in awhile so I think I will include it on this post as little as I can comment. Honestly I have been ignoring the “BIG HEADLINES” about the primaries because at first I was paying attention, I would see “Hillary and Obama realy go for the throat” or “Obama and Hillary take off the Gloves” and then I look into the article or actually go and watch the debate the article mentions and realize the headlines should actualy read “Obama and Hillary Actually talk about the issues and challenge each other on issues but we want to sensationalize it and make it sound like the democrats have huge infighting because it will get a bigger story or maby make our Neo Conservative rulers throw more money at us” But you know maybe that’s just how I see it.
After the first couple times I just decided it was a waste of time and have purely focused on the issues and what they have in there past and proclaimed as there “platform”. So currently I would vote for Obama, He and I are a lot closer on most issues though Hillary is not far off. I kind of would rather see a woman president but I am voting on issues not how much I would like to see the fundies scream and cry because a woman is in power… I would realy love to see that... I just have to add that.
Granted if she wins I will be pretty happy too. I am still pissed at both of them a bit because there bowing on the gay marriage issue but I hope maybe once there in office they will grow a bit more of a backbone on that issue. It is not looking like it will happen at all but I have already given my family notice that if somehow Huckabee wins, I will be moving out of the country. So far Australia is looking the nicest, though would consider Canada and England. I would LOVE to move to New Zealand but I’ve heard its hard to get in, there’s a waiting list since the Lord of the Rings movies.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Ok, We got moved into the very nice house we are renting and I love it. Lots of space, big yard for entertaining, stable hot water supply. One thing I could live with out is the spiders, like black widow that bit me on Saturday. Ya, Ouchies. Got TERRIBLY sick last night from it and then went to the hospital this morning for it, spent 4 hours there and was given a prescription and have to go back in tomorrow for a check up. My leg is all swollen and feels like I burned it really bad and I keep getting a fever but its much better than last night. I really really hate spiders. I will probably take some picks tomorrow of the house and spider bite since I am taking the day off.


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